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Workers Compensation law has been a substantial part of my practice for over 35 years. I actively practice in Allegheny, Fayette, Greene, Washington, and Westmoreland counties. I am proud to say that I have been quite successful in obtaining Workers Compensation benefits for a multitude of individuals, often after they have been advised by an insurance company or even another attorney that they do not have a case.

I am a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association and in particular, the Workers Compensation Section of the Pennsylvania Bar. I have been asked to lecture to various attorneys and other professional groups with respect to the “do’s and dont’s” of Workers Compensation.

I work diligently in every case and feel that I am quite successful in this area of law because I apply a very basic rule…to treat people as I would want to be treated. I make every effort to answer any questions that may arise and return phone calls promptly. If I feel the case has merit, I will advance whatever costs are associated with it. There are no fees whatsoever charged to the client, unless we are successful.

Common Questions of Worker’s Compensation:

Q: What is Workers Compensation?

A: If you are injured in any way, shape or form in the course of your employment, you may be entitled to receive Workers Compensation Benefits.

Q: How much is Worker’s Compensation?

A: Under the Workers Compensation Act, injured workers are entitled to indemnity (wage-loss) benefits equal to two-thirds of their weekly wage for a work-related injury. However, there are minimum and maximum adjustments provided in the Act, and the benefit rate is set using the annual maximum in place at the time of injury. The maximum is based on the Department of Labor and Industry’s calculation of the statewide average weekly wage. 

Q: If I have more than one job, am I entitled to receive compensation for both jobs?

A: Yes. A frequent mistake make by other practitioners is that they do not ask their clients if they have multiple jobs. If you are hurt at job “A” but you have additional income which is reported on your tax returns at jobs “B” and “C”, you are entitled to receive Workers Compensation Benefits based on the wages lost from the other jobs as well.

Q: If I receive Worker’s Compensation, can I also receive Social Security Disability benefits?

A: Yes. Although there may be some set offs with Social Security, we often do recommend it to people who are receiving Worker’s Compensation when it appears that their injuries are serious enough to entitle them to Social Security Disability as well.

Q: If I am injured at work while operating a motor vehicle, or loading a motor vehicle, could I also be entitled to additional monies from my automobile insurance?

A: Yes. Depending upon the wording of your policy, and the specific facts of your case, it is entirely possible you may be entitled to receive “wrap around” benefits – this would be 80% of the differential between your worker’s comp and your gross wage.

If you feel you have such a claim, please make an appointment, there is no fee for an initial consultation for anybody who comes to see us regarding a Workers Compensation, Personal Injury, Social Security, or Motor Vehicle Accident Claim.

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