Social Security Disability / Insurance

Social Security Disability is a program which is provided by the Federal Government to provide benefits to people who cannot work. It is important to understand that Social Security Disability does not necessarily mean that one cannot work at all. An individual could conceivably obtain Social Security Disability benefits as long as they are earning less than $1000 a month. To get the exact number, check with the Social Security Administration, because the rules are changed from time to time.

There are two types of Social Security benefits: Social Security Disability and Social Security Insurance benefits. Social Security Insurance benefits are typically for people who have not earned enough money over their lifetime to cover retirement. (It is worth nothing that if one does obtain Social Security Insurance, they will after a time also be entitled for Medicare / Medicaid coverage).

Social Security Disability is an area I have been handling since the inception of my practice. I will travel to anywhere in or near the Pittsburgh area, as well as West Virginia, where one’s claim has been scheduled.

One of the things that I do which I believe gives me success in this area is that I closely monitor individuals’ claims. I take it upon myself, at my expense, to obtain individuals’ medical records. I will, if an individual has a particular problem, recommend a specialist for my client to treat with, as well as to obtain a report of the treatment, so that Social Security will have this information.

People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that government will do all of this for me, and they do not have to lift a finger to help themselves; this is a serious mistake. Social Security Disability is very important for the people who need it. Therefore if one is pursuing a claim, it only stands to reason that one should do everything they can to make sure that their claim is successful. We go the extra mile to gather all of your medical records because we know presenting all of your physical and emotional problems can make the difference.

If you feel you have such a claim, please make an appointment, there is no fee for an initial consultation for anybody who comes to see us regarding a Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury, Social Security, or Motor Vehicle Accident Claim.

I appreciate having his firm handle my case; they have put my mind at ease. I would absolutely recommend your firm to family and friends.

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